Review: Mary XXXmas

Four and a Half Stars

It's Christmas Eve, and only the office misfits are in attendance. A little mistletoe, a lot of eggnog, and some inappropriate behavior starts things rolling, when Mary decides that she is the Queen of the Mistletoe, her Boss is the King of Christmas, and the visiting technician from Sweden is the Princess of the Snows.

Everyone gets involved in the hijinks, as the players descend deeper into their assigned roles. The Virgin Queen of the Mistletoe seeks to remove one of her titles, and it isn't Queen or Mistletoe. The nefarious Dark Knight decides to conquer the visiting Princess of the Snows, while the lowly office knight's role is to service one and all.

As for the Boss, in his own words: "It's great to be King."

Book Details

  • TitleMary XXXmas
  • Subtitle: Naughty is Nice
  • Author: TT Tales
  • Type of Book: eBook, Erotica
  • Pages: 65


Mary XXXmas is a fun little farce. It's about an office that's nearly empty on the day before Christmas, with all the employees absent except contractors, the Boss, and his admin. A little egg-nog, some mistletoe, a few drunken confessions, and the windows of the office start to steam up.

The writing is above average, the sex, after a slow buildup, is frequent and hot. The characters are likable, and well developed, each distinct in their own way.

At times it's laugh out loud funny, ridiculously sexy, and plain old enjoyable.

For fans of no-holds-barred group sex, it's a winner.


“It’s nearly Christmas,” I teased. “Did you bring me a gift?”

“I am your gift,” she sighed, snuggling closer.

She perked up a bit, looking around. “Where’s my Knight errant?”

Paul was sitting back massaging Helga’s legs, while the Dark Knight exceeded his station, making out with her. Helga broke free for a moment. “Knight, did not you hear? Your Queen calls.”

He slid out from under her legs, and knelt beside us. “I’m here, your Highness."

She wiggled her legs. “I’m hot, and these leggings itch.”

His hands were trembling as he reached for the top of her stocking, sliding it down her leg. She opened her legs, so he could have access to the other and he slid that one down as well.

I was caressing her body, finding no end of humor in her actions. “Mmmm, that’s better. Now rub the Royal legs, good sir. And do a good job of it, if you don’t wish to be thrashed.”

He remained on his knees, rubbing up and down her smooth slender legs, massaging her feet, her calves and halfway up her thighs. He still didn’t dare go as far as under her skirt.
Helga clearly enjoyed all of this as much as I did. We were on the same wavelength. Every time I looked at her she was smiling, and now she winked at me. “You are so right, lovely Cousin. Your kingdom is so much warmer than my home, the Land of Snow. I’m burning up.”

Mary had her eyes closed but she was still with us. She reached down and slapped Paul’s hands away. “Knave! You heard our dear Cousin. Assist her.”

“But she’s not wearing stockings,” he whined.

“No excuses! Satisfy her wishes or be banished,” she snapped, waving her hand haughtily.

Helga’s grin was as large as my own. She leaned over and stared at Paul as he crawled toward her. “You argued with your Queen? The amazing and beautiful Elven Queen of the Mistletoe? A thousand men would kill to be her servant! If I was not her cousin, and a Royal, I’d serve her, body and soul!”

“No! I mean, I didn’t mean to your highness. I would never.” His submissive behavior was a little off-putting. “Please, how can I help you?”

“This,” she tugged at the material of her jeans. “I want my legs free, like hers.”

“Yes, your Highness.” He had the groveling down pat. He moved to her feet and started pulling on her jeans, to no avail.

My own Queen was lying sideways in my lap, watching their interaction, with obvious joy. I was quite content to explore her body, even clothed as it was. I was a bit shameless, reaching under her dress at will. I was her King, after all. I’m sure the title came with some privileges.

Helga leaned back in Ron’s lap, pressing her shoulders into the arm of the couch, raising her hips. “Here, fool.” She lifted her shirt, pointing down to her pants waist.

He crawled over and carefully unbuttoned, then struggled to unzip her. When he’d accomplished that much, she lifted her hips and he tugged her pants down. When her panties lowered some, she slapped at his hands. “Careful. You don’t want your Princess naked, do you?”

“N…No, your Highness,” he said, pulling her panties up at the sides, while lowering her jeans past her generous ass.

“No? Am I not beautiful enough to be seen naked?” she teased him mercilessly.


Title, Description and Cover8
Content Quality9
What's not too like about a hot office orgy? The sex is hot, the action continuous, and the girls will make you fall in love. Buy It.
Reader Rating: (1 Rate)9.2
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