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Lisa's once promising collegiate career as a cheerleader was crashing down around her between an injury and poor grades. Too afraid to ask her parents to bail her out, she answers a discrete ad for a "House Fluffer" for the college's Honor Society. The job offers room, board, and free tutoring in return for a House Mother, friend, and occasional fluffer. With nowhere else to turn Lisa takes the job on, burying away her own shame and fears. What she quickly finds out is the members aren't just all about studies and that many of those studies aren't purely academic. With the help of a resident female she slips into life at the society and learns to embrace their lifestyle.

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This is a sexy, little romp about a girl who doesn't study enough, so when she faces having to leave the university, she gets a second chance in a "nerd fraternity" as a kind of house mother with benefits. Featuring lots of straight, lesbian, and group sex, it is sure to arouse. The story itself is outrageous, but there were real touches of humanity that brought it back to reality, for example, the improvement in her grades as a result of her housemates' attention.

At times I wondered if perhaps there was too much sex in the story. I know. How can there be too much sex? I'm a girl. I was anxious to get back to the story.

I would like to see the author strengthen his sentences with less use of passive voice. Sometimes it's distracting.

The plot is light, and it's an easy, summertime read, even when the kids bugged me every five minutes. Read this one. You'll enjoy it.


Coming out of the test, Lisa felt the best that she’d felt in ages, actually feeling confident that she’d done well on it. Hell, all things considered if she even passed it, she’d be thrilled. Fortunately for her the test had been on a Scantron sheet and the teaching assistants had it scanned and entered by evening. She kept having to refresh the online gradebook, not believing the 89 sitting alongside of Exam 1. That test was simply the highest score she’d gotten since leaving high school and Philip had taught her all the material in one night. Obviously she owed him a big thank you for all of the help and slowly her lips twisted to a smile as one came to mind.


She pulled the shirt down a bit before raising her hand and gently knocking on his door. It was open, most people here kept their door open when studying, but she still wanted to be polite. When he finished the paragraph he was working on, Phil turned to acknowledge her. She asked to come in, and when he said yes, she stepped in and gently shut the door behind her. Lisa told him about the score as she approached the desk. While listening to his congratulations, she kneeled before his chair and looked up at him. “So, let me thank you properly.”


Before he figured out what was going to happen, she had pulled down the front of his sweatpants and boxers. A quick glance to see the shocked look on his face before she dropped her head and took his flaccid cock in her mouth, giving him a soft suction as soon as her lips wrapped around him. It didn’t take long for him to harden in her mouth, her tongue slowly stroking the shaft as it filled her mouth. Taking note that he had leaned back and was just enjoying the blowjob. Hands slipped her t-shirt up to her neck, unhooked her bra, and let his cock go for only a second to slip both articles of clothing off.  Upon retaking him in her mouth, she decided to take her time with him, knowing he probably wouldn’t last very long.


Title, Description and Cover7.5
Story, Plot, and Action6
Bang for the Buck10
"Fraternity Fluffer" is a fun romp with a lot of steamy sex with plenty of variety. It's an excellent summertime read.
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