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A Victorian era woman keeps her husband from debtor's prison by serving as "Miss Innocence" at a wealthy woman's Valentine's Day party, just for women. This story features some of the hottest lesbian sex I've read, with a touch of reluctance to make it even hotter.

This story contains lesbian oral sex, bondage, reluctance, shaving, bathing, a crystal dildo, anal play, and more lesbian oral sex. It is one of my favorite stories of all time.

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This is one of my favorite stories ever. It was an entry into the 2014 Literotica Valentine's Day contest. I don't know how it didn't win. (The current score is MUCH higher than the winning story's!) The language is authentic and beautiful. The sex is hot and sweet, and it's made even sweeter with chocolate.

The story wraps together naivete, desperation, sensuality, reluctance, sweetness, dominance, reluctant submission, and ultimately, a kind of love. If you are aroused by lesbian sex, this takes it to a much sweeter level.

MS Tarot can tell a story about anything. From dark, angry incest to the sweetness of chocolate and roses back to an arsonist having sex with a kerosene fire and over to a beautiful interracial romance in the south. MST can tell a story about anything.


"You look beautiful, my dear," she said reaching over to lift my hair from the robe. "Perfect, in fact." She turned and gestured to the table behind her.

I looked at the strange thing, not understanding. I didn't like the smile she gave me. It was like one I would give a simpleton.

"Before my guests arrive I wish you to doff your robe and lay yourself upon here." Her finger lifted a strand of silk from the end of the table. I noticed then that there were others. "You don't have much time."

I looked at her lifted eyebrow and what she wanted of me sunk in.

I was to be laid out naked upon this table for all to see. Naked ...and shaved bare to the world! I started to shake. To tremble, in fact.

Again she smiled.

"Come, my dear. Let me place you in position. Once you're there it will be much easier for you to just forget those silly thoughts that are plaguing your mind. Come."

Trembling, I felt myself caught between flight and fight. Between wanting to run in horror or claw at her face in rage.


The strong, noble tone, of her voice rang off bones inbred to accept such commands from nobility. I was moving into her reach before I was even aware I was doing so.

Molly was behind me, and the robe was slipped away before I could say yea or nay. Then the hands of the Lady were upon me, turning me.

The top of the table was warm, soft leather. I leaned back, panting. Molly's hands were on my arms lifting them above my head. I hardly noticed what the Lady was doing till the silk pulled tight.

One arm bound, I started to try and pull the other free!

Molly, her muscles by far stronger than mine from years of physical labour, held me tighter. Lady Sionly leaned forward till she was looking down at my face.

"Remember that your husband goes free upon my signed word. His debts for the year paid for this one night." She moved back and started to tie the other hand.

"Relax, ma'am. It's not going to be bad."

It was the soft whisper of the maid, the knowledge that she endured this and lived through it, that gave me enough courage to lie calmly as my hand was tied.

I felt terror again when they moved to my legs. I panted and had to use all my will not to yank my foot from her grasp.

Trying to slow my breathing I looked up at the glass far above with its light dusting of snow. I thought then of my little girls. By now my sister had them fed and snuggled away in her daughters' bed. They wouldn't be asleep of course. They would lie gossiping with their two cousins for half the night.

Far better their gossip than the gossip of servants. I was then so very thankful, that my search for a new maid had been unsuccessful. Our old gardener, so saddened at the death of his wife our old maid, he had retired. The new man was not set to arrive till spring. Oh merciful heavens, the gossip of servants would have been the social ruin of us after this morning.

"The mask!" I said suddenly, as thoughts of "gossip" came to me.

I heard the lady chuckle.

"I did not forget, my dear, even if you did."

I saw the thing for only a half second. A thin domino of porcelain and jewels, it was beautiful to behold. I watched as Molly covered the inside of it with something, then she aligned it over my face.

"Close your eyes, my dear," said The Lady.

With the garden hidden behind my eyelids, I felt the slight weight of the thing placed upon my face. The way it held my skin gave me assurance that it wouldn't be pulled away to leave me in scandal.

I gasped and blushed when I feel a hand between my legs. Delicate fingers slipped along the hairless fold, then dipped down to caress the opening. I tried to move away from it, but found that I could hardly even turn myself.

"Quite lovely down here. Fresh and innocent. My guests are going to love you." said Lady Sionly. She walked away without a word more.

Molly gave my shoulder a pat, then ducked out of view, under the table.

As I felt the table shift under me, I started to pull at the silk bindings in horror.

My legs were drawn open even as my arms were doing the same. The splits I saw in the surface divided, went wider, and wider still. Then even more so!

It took maybe a half-a-minute but I was just that quickly spread-eagled in the middle of the garden.

When Molly reappeared, the look on her face was a half-smirk. She was still wearing it as she walked away.

Lying there, exposed to the eyes of any of Lady Sionly's servants that might want to pass and have a look, I noticed as the minutes crawl, that more than a few did so. I started to worry that the constant blush to my face would become permanent before the night was out. Finally, I closed my eyes and just listened to the slowly building harmonies of the musicians. .

Turning my head when they stopped, I watched them also disrobe. Against my will, my eyes dropped and I saw that they were as shorn as I was. I quickly looked away. The sight of them told me just how bare I, myself, was.

They at least were not open so vulgarly to display!

Then the music started in earnest. A soft and perfect blending that I would not have credited them with ability to give. The gentle sounds of Mozart's String Quintet No.4 soon floated through the rose garden like the scent of the roses. Powerfully present but at the same time easily lost to distractions.

Lady Sionly's voice filled the garden.

"Welcome my friends, close and not yet close, to the Rose Garden of Sionly. My Rosarium is your haven from the world of men for the night. I welcome you all." Lady Sionly said grandly.

I turned my head as she begins her speech. Seeing the number of masked women that walked in, I had to turn away and blush. I could do little else. I had been expecting a few but at least a dozen were already through the glass doors! With more, to judge by the voices following.

Trying to stay calm, I listened to their chatter and let the words drift past unnoticed. Curiosity, though made me look back when I heard the glass doors close.

There must have been more than twenty women there. Nay, more than thirty!

"Ladies. I wish to thank you all. Let me first address those whom I have not met. Those I yet do not know so well as my old friends, who told you of this party. I know that coming to such a gathering with so little forewarning and with only the knowledge that you will have a wonderful time took courage. You are ladies of station low and high behind those masks. Your reputations would be tarnished outside those doors should it be known that you attended such a party. That was the reason for the curtain-drawn carriages, and the secrecy with which the masks were given to you with. I welcome you and hope that after this night, one and all of you will return for many more... such nights." said Lady Sionly with a smile.

I listened, unable to believe that this many ladies would come here not knowing what would be in store for them, masks or no masks.

"This is, my dear guests, the Night of Valentinus. The night of lovers. You, one and all, have been given a gift as you walked into the door. If you would open your gift I will explain its purpose."

Again curiosity made me look. I noticed then that many of the women had shed heavier clothes in favor of by far lighter garments.

Scandalously light! Translucent. Gauzy. Some of them had little more than a layer or two between them and the situation I was in.

As I watched, each lady opened a little, red box. From within I saw them lift out lengths of ribbon. I saw that they were silk when they turned them in the light. Every color was there. I noticed then that a small gemstone hung from each by silver clasps.

Some were similar. No!...they were paired.

Photo Attribution: By Audrey from Central Pennsylvania, USA (Pink And White Rosebud  Uploaded by Fæ) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Description and Title9.5
Story, Plot, and Action10
Grammar, Spelling, Mechanics9.5
One of my favorite stories ever. A Victorian era woman keeps her husband from debtor's prison by serving as "Miss Innocence" at a wealthy woman's Valentine's Day party, just for women. This story features some of the hottest lesbian sex I've read, with a touch of reluctance to make it even hotter.
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