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Five Stars


Detective Cole Harvey of the Chicago P. D. was looking for a lot of things. A lead in the case of human trafficking he was working on. A clue as to just what it was that had killed night club owner Travis Dunham, before Cole's very eyes, and yet had gotten away. Leaving Cole with an inexplicably "dehydrated" corpse. And last, but for Det. Harvey certainly not least, just who had murdered his own pregnant wife, Maria, two years before.

A case now grown cold.

What he found was a partner who could help him with all of those questions. A succubus named Zafira. But there was a problem. That help would come at a price ... she was hungry.

Book Details

  • Title: Purely Sinful
  • Author: Rozalin_0123
  • Type of Book: Online Free Erotica
  • Pages: 19 Literotica Pages
  • Category: Erotic Horror


An intriguing story line that drips sex from the first page, Purely Sinful is an incredible read that quickly draws you in and has you turning pages. From a grim modern Crime Drama, to a medieval romance of pure souls, to the very gates of Purgatory this tale of Lust carries the reader with a skill in writing that shines through.

Rozalin_0123 delivered an incredibly well balanced story, set within a world that was masterfully crafted ... and Purely Sinful. Easily worthy of the first place spot it took, in Literotica's 2014 Halloween contest.

Superb work.


"Now, look at this," the pathologist pointed.

Vince lifted a scalpel and punctured the corpse's arm. A fine red powder spilled from the opening, like he had poked into a bag of rusty sand.

"What is that?" Cole asked.

"That is blood, my friend. Extremely dehydrated blood."

"What could possibly do that?"

"That certainly is the million dollar question of the day, now isn't it? For blood to turn to a powder like this would take a sizable heat source or be freeze dried. The outside of the body would start to burn at such a temperature -- but as you can see, no burns."

Vince turned to Cole. "You say there was a naked woman in the room when you busted in?"

"That's right. So?"

"Was she hot?" Vince snickered.

"I didn't have time to assess her attractiveness, smart ass."

Vince laughed. "Okay, okay. But here's something else interesting."

He pulled down the sheet to reveal the lower half of Travis' dead body.

"Notice anything?"

It was obvious, even to Cole. Travis may have been dead, but he sported an extreme erection.

"Why isn't it decayed like the rest of the body?" Cole asked.

"I have a hypothesis," Vince said. "The only time a dead man has a hard-on like this is if he was extremely aroused the moment he died. Whatever this mystery girl of yours did to him, they where having sex when she did it. Pretty hot sex, it looks like." He grinned at his own joke.

"Makes sense," Cole thought. He did see her on top of him when he entered the room. The wings, tail, and horns were at the front of his mind, however.

"Let me know if you figure out anything else. The captain put me on leave for a few days."

Vince shook his head. "I think you're fine. We've known each other since college. After what happened to Maria, no one would be able to handle it well."

Cole smiled. "Thanks, Vince."


Photo by syndaryl Coy Succubus v1 on Flickr, under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

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Title, Description and Cover8.5
Story, Plot, and Action9
Grammar, Spelling, Mechanics9.5
This is beautiful. Balanced. Creative. And in no small way Hot as Hell. A near perfect mixture of heartstrings and g-strings. The ideal balance we all strive for coupled with a simple story of love. This maybe should have been in Romance.
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