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Review: The Contract- The Billionaire's Charity Book One



Brianna and Luke appear to be the perfect couple, except that they're about to be homeless. They're desperate, hungry, and afraid, but the billionaire Mr. Rand has a proposition for them: $8 million for 6 months of an unorthodox employment as his personal assistants who will be required to satisfy his every depraved desire while he travels in Romania. They must decide immediately, and they must show him just how far they're willing to go.

But will Luke be able to handle watching Mr. Rand explore the body of the only woman he's ever been with?

And what does the billionaire have in store for Luke?

Read on to find out if this desperate couple can manage to satiate this sadistically powerful man's appetite.

Book Details

  • Title: The Contract
  • Subtitle: The Billionaire's Charity Book One
  • Author: Lexie Syrah
  • Type of Book: eBook, Erotica
  • Pages: 23


This story is the author's first, and I look forward to what she offers in the future.

A desperate young couple is offered a deal they can't refuse. Become sex slaves for a billionaire and receive a large sum of money.

The story is well written and edited, but short and predictable. The scorching-hot sex redeems any inadequacy in the plot, however. It would be my instinct to award this story three stars, but the hot sex elevates it to four stars. If this is Lexie Syrah's first attempt at writing erotic fiction, I think she'll blow me away with later stories.


No excerpt available.


Title, Description and Cover8
Story, Plot, and Action5.5
Bang for the Buck4
I'm not fond of loading keywords into the title of the book. Characters were well defined, but lacked depth. Perhaps that follows in subsequent books. The plot was predictable, and it dragged a bit in the beginning. The sex was extremely hot, elevating the story. I expect more story for $2.99.
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