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Bucky Duckman's Nude Day 2015 entry. It's a long one, so grab a beverage and maybe a sandwich before diving into it. This story includes graphic depictions of man-on-man sex as the hero wrestles with being a straight guy who enjoys sucking off other guys. There's lots of cumplay, a bit of humiliation, pegging by his girlfriend, and a very big piece of CFNM. If those are your kind of kinks, I think you'll enjoy this story.

Book Details

  • Title: Filled with Joy
  • Author: Bucky Duckman
  • Type of Book: Free, online, contest entry
  • Pages: 7 Literotica pages
  • Category: Fetish (cum play, humiliation, pegging, male bisexual, CFNM)


Looking at the list of fetishes in this story, one might have the preconceived notion that this story is simply a conglomeration of fetish with little story. That is not the case. The main character's realization about himself and whom he loves is the story, and it's well told. The sex enhances the story, not the other way around.

A young man needs a job, so he finds one as a nude model for an art project featuring erections. Throughout his participation, he is confronted with memories of his own sexuality and he accepts himself and acknowledges his love for his ex.

Bucky Duckman manages to blend together a multitude of kinks in this story, and he does it with his usual finesse.


A month passed before the first time Rudy and Jacob jerked-off together. They didn't touch each other, but they both watched the other man stroking and caressing his hard cock. "Is this gay?" Jacob asked.

"Not yet," Rudy assured him before groaning and filling his free hand with his thick, creamy load. Watching his eruption pushed Jacob's libido from close to climax. He came, too, mimicking Rudy's choice of catching his load in the palm of his hand. "Dare you to taste it," Rudy said, licking his palm.

Jacob shrugged and followed roommate's lead. His cumshot felt warm and tasted slightly salty. It wasn't a bad taste.

"Now you're getting closer to switching sides," Rudy said, laughing. "Especially if you liked it."

"I didn't hate it," Jacob admitted.

"You're not straight. You're at least curved. Maybe even slightly bent," Rudy said, as if it was a badge of honor. But he also gave Jacob a warning, "Careful who finds out. Most people will call you gay."

"Because I ate my own cum?"

"It's a start," Rudy said with a happy grin. "Ever watch gay porn?" Jacob shook his head. Why would he? Watching women fucking and sucking had always been enough for him. But later, in private, he gave it a try. Though he had gotten hard and successfully jerked-off while watching, it didn't do a lot for him. Seeing naked women still meant more to him.

Feeling Liam's hard cock in his hand felt good and as Jacob's cock grew long and strong, Liam's gentle tugging felt better and better. Touching Liam while being touched by him became a feedback loop of pleasure. Jacob glanced around the room and noticed they were the only two touching. Even Mason had released Terry's hard prick. "Sorry," Jacob mumbled.

"You're fine," Amy said, wearing her happiest smile. "Enjoy being naked and hard. Today's a celebration of maleness. You don't have to touch or be touched, but I hope you do. Tease without pleasing, okay?" There were compliant nods around the room.


Photo by Hendrik Callens on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)



Title, Description and Cover10
Story, Plot, and Action9.5
Grammar, Spelling, Mechanics9.5
Bucky is the consummate fetish writer. Even though I don't share all of the kinks in this story, the story itself, told partly in the main character's memories, is a satisfying tale of a man accepting himself for what he is, a theme that resounds deeply with me. I felt that the story arc supported the multitude of fetish sex very nicely, and I loved the ending.
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