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Sharing your writing.

Part 3 in a 3 part Series

  • Part 1: Getting Past the Starting Block
  • Part 2: Finding Your Forum and Fan Base
  • Part 3: Sharing Your Writing

It’s frightening to send an original story fresh from your imaginings that you have put so much effort into, out into the world to be judged by others. Once your story is out there, particularly on a free site, you have to let it go and accept that its fate is now beyond your control. You need to know that not everyone will like it, not everyone will appreciate the effort it took or the painstaking time you spent editing it into its final form.

No great author ever became a success from their first attempts (Don’t quote me on that assumption). So my warning here is to help aspiring and amateur authors to prepare for the good as well as the bad that comes from setting your writing free. When starting out don’t worry about how you are going to make a career out of this writing gig. Embrace being an amateur and learn all you can from those that have been doing it for some time while testing the waters with your first offerings. If a career is what you have in mind in the long-term, however, there are ways to stack the odds in your favor by choosing your launchpad carefully.

If you are a blogger, check out all the blog hosting sites you can before choosing the best fit. You aren’t going to do well posting fan fiction to a site that has its base set in fashion or food blogs. Likewise, if you have a story to tell check out blogs as well as websites that will host these for you. Be on the lookout for empty spaces you can fill with your writing. If you have been looking for something good to read by seeking out blogs that do reviews of a particular genre and been disappointed this could be the avenue for you. If like me you can’t find decent stories that lean toward your kinks, then this is a space you could fill with your writing.

You are the amateur; you have little to lose and much to gain. Each time you send one of your pieces of writing out you can take the feedback or lack of it in rare cases and learn from it. As an amateur, your readers are not expecting a best seller or perfect professional prose but they are expecting entertainment or information. How and where you deliver this information is entirely up to you so choose the outlet for your endeavors carefully.

Be a risk taker and ride the roller-coaster of releasing your words out into the world. I wish you the best of everything I have experienced. I hope you find the fans and friends to support you through the times where the critics and trolls will make you doubt your choice to become a writer. The critics can teach you as much as the friends and fans if not more in some cases because they will pull no punches. The grammar nazis will help you tighten things up, those that find old worn out tropes within your work will help you to be more creative, no matter the criticism there is something to learn from it. Those critiques are rarely personal, and the ones that are should be discarded as trolls.

I have been lucky in that I have found others, who like me love to write. The knowledge and understanding we share is what inspires us. These people give me advice, sometimes unsolicited, but most of all they make me want to be a better writer. I would never have found this wonderful group if I had not chosen the forum in which to share my writing carefully. I was able to attract readers and fellow writers who could see and share the fantasy worlds I created. As a small group, we are currently in the process of moving from that initial forum into creating our own spaces and ways in which to share our writing.  As part of that new beginning, some of my friends and I have published an Anthology (ebook) on

HotSummerReads Anthology

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