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Janie and Delilah are college roommates, and complete opposites. Janie's the embodiment of a good girl. Delilah's a free spirited party girl. When Delilah catches Janie drooling over their quarterback, Blake's, Facebook page, she is shocked Janie isn't as polished as she pretends to be. Delilah comes up with a plan to help Janie come out of her shell in order to hook Blake. Janie tentatively agrees to accept Delilah's offer. Neither girl expected the connection they form as their training heats up. With graduation weeks away, they must decide if their feelings are worth fighting for. Or if they should go back to their prior plans, and forget their passionate nights alone in their apartment?

An erotic F/F novella with romance, humor, and a lot of steamy lesbian love.

Book Details

  • Title: Something New
  • Subtitle: An Erotic Romance
  • Author: Patti Kake
  • Type of Book: eBook, Erotica
  • Pages: 151
  • ASIN: B0117UFT7A


Very hot. I love college roommate stories, especially lesbian stories. In this story, Janie wants a guy who is out of her league. Delilah convinces Janie that she can give her the experience she needs to get the guy.

Except they both get hung up on each other and the pleasure to be found between two women. This college roommate story is particularly steamy with tons of hot, lesbian sex. I love that.

What keeps me from awarding the extra star is 1) Mechanics. There are some wonky comma issues- Run on sentences, commas where they don't belong, commas needed where they don't exist. 2) Repetition. Sometimes there's a little too much. 3) Names vs. descriptions. It would make for a smoother read if you say things like "the blond did such and such" or "the skinny girl did..." It would keep you from repeating their names over and over. It's tough when the characters are the same gender. It's easy to confuse pronouns. Giving some descriptive phrases helps.

I enjoyed this a lot. I look forward to watching your writing grow. (You'll be surprised how quickly that happens!) Excellent work, Patti Kake!


“Shhhh. I know what you need. I just don’t want your first orgasm to be from my leg,” Delilah told her as she thrust her hand under Janie’s pants and underwear touching her drenched heat.
Janie’s eyes went wide when she felt Delilah’s hand on her. Nobody had ever touched her there and she couldn’t believe what she was doing.
“I’m going to make you come, ok?” Delilah said as she forced Janie’s lips open, her hand soaked from her excitement.
“I’ve never,” Janie confessed biting her lip.
“It’s ok, Janie,” Delilah told her as she circled Janie’s clit with her finger.
Janie bucked up as an electric volt crashed into her. Delilah smiled as she circled her clit one more time before pushing one finger into Janie’s tight virgin hole.
“Oh shit!” Janie cried as her eyes rolled back into her head. Janie humped Delilah’s hand, and when Delilah pressed the palm of her hand to her clit, Janie’s whole body convulsed.
Delilah bit back a moan as Janie’s pussy sucked on her finger and her clit jumped up and down on her palm. Getting Janie off was incredibly hot. Delilah had to squeeze her legs together to help the pressure from her pulsating clit.
Janie’s eyes finally pried open and she stared at Delilah in shock. Delilah eased her finger out of Janie’s drenched hole. Janie moaned her greedy hips seeking the pleasure again.
“Did you like that?” Delilah asked, running her tongue down Janie's neck biting on her clavicle.
“Uhm, yeah,” Janie whispered.




Title, Description and Cover9
Story, Plot, and Action6
Bang for the Buck9
The story was hot and steamy. The cover drew me right in. With careful editing for content and mechanics, this author will set the world of lesbian erotica on fire!
Reader Rating: (0 Rates)0
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