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Long days of boredom, tedium, and an overly bossy manager. Tony makes life in the little café, a small slice of hell for a long-suffering waitress. Luckily she has plenty of leather-clad guys on motorcycles showing up to keep her company and to give her generously big … tips.

But some days there are just too many guys for a single waitress to handle … well, not all at once anyway.


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Title: A Café with a View CH. 01

Author: KingsWoman

Type of book: Online Free Erotica

Pages: 1 Literotica page

Category: Erotic Couplings



Oh my, what a delightfully piece of work this story is. A number of British authors try to “Americanize” their stories for Literotica, KingsWoman did not. It is filled with “slang” terms that make it a story just simply wonderful to read. Phrases like “… spearing hot slag with his sausage” and “… not leaping onto his plonker” will leave you ginning from start to finish. Truly beautiful.

And hot! The rawness of the sex, coupled with KingsWoman’s accent, truly believable characters and her writing talent have made this story simply shine with charm.



Oh yes. His leather trousers were pulled down around his hips and his dick was sticking straight up in the fresh woodland air.

Really? FFS. Word gets around quick, doesn't it. Fresh slag at the Hot Buns Café.

Oh well, y'know. No point getting all stuck up about it and pretending I didn't like a bit of fun. In those days I was a bit of a good time gal. I had been through it, I didn't want any more trouble so I just used to take my fun where I found it - if you know what I mean. And I did find quite a lot of it in that café in the woods, LOL.

I walked slowly over to the biker lying back over the vermillion red BMW Gran Turismo with his leather trousers jerked down round his hips and his dick sticking up in the air. The six cylinder engine would still be boiling hot. I wanted to wave my hand gently near the cast aluminium frame to feel the heat but instead I stood by the bike and inspected the goods on offer.

Reasonable size - and he knew it. Dirty fucker was showing himself off like he probably used to do in the changing rooms with the other lads at school. His cock was stuck up like a pole for me to dance around. The purple head was pushing at the foreskin and a bead of precum was already oozing from his slit, he was that up for it already. He had got himself all hot and bothered on the ride out, thinking about spearing hot slag with his sausage.

By now the plonker was getting worried because I was just standing there by the bike not leaping onto his plonker. That thick dick must've been getting chilly poking up into the woodland breezes there. His stiffie was sagging. Awww, poor little thing!







Photo attribution: "HK Peak Cafe 200908" by WiNG - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -


Title, Description and Cover6
Story, Plot, and Action7
Grammar, Spelling, Mechanics8
Creative, delightful and simply fun. A wonderful beginning, to what I hope are ever greater following chapters.
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