Review: P40 Bedouin Dreams

Four and a Half Stars


A RAF pilot ditches his P40 Kittyhawk somewhere in the Sahara Desert during WWII, and he wakes up in a Bedouin camp. Just as he is about to get his throat cut by a senior member of the tribe, the Germans arrive. When the pilot saves many of the tribe's men and women from the Germans, including the granddaughter of the leader.

Complicating the matter is the fact that the pilot and his woman can't speak to each other because they don't understand a word of the other language. The language barrier is the antagonist in the story, leaving the main characters to learn to communicate.

This very sweet love story is based on the true story of British pilot, Flight Sergeant Dennis Copping. Until 2012, his death remained a mystery. Author MS Tarot read about his demise, and decided to give his story a better ending. MST delivered on that promise with force.


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The challenge was to push the boundaries of what the writer was comfortable with. MS Tarot's interpretation of this directive was to writ a love story between two people who cannot communicate by speaking because their languages are so vastly different.

In particular, the pilot needs to know the meaning of the word Zawjah, which the Bedouin woman uses before and after he takes her virginity.

This story is completely different from the run of the mill romance, and is very satisfying.


Lying there in the growing light, I looked at Rabi'ah and saw such a delight to the eyes in this woman. Her body, that had given me such pleasure, was magnificent. She was a sprawl next to me, her legs still slightly parted, those strong inner thighs faintly touched with red stains. I saw her body quiver and she gave a small moan. Smiling at that sign her pleasure was still continuing, I moved a hand to rest on that thick thatch of ebony hair. She arched her bottom off the cushion at my touch and moaned.

I smothered her moan with my lips and she kissed me eagerly. Her passion was clearly not spent, and to my growing surprise neither was mine. Taking her hand, I placed it on that half-hardness and she looked down. She gave me a look of wonder, smiled at my laughter then nodded and started pulling me back into place on top of her. I decided to surprise her though and, when I was inside her, I rolled us both and placed her on top. Rabi'ah found herself sitting astride me and she looked confused. Resting my hands on her hips, I lifted myself up and with her weight pushing down I felt myself slip much deeper into her. With a gasp, a look of wonder crossed her beautiful face. After that I had to give her no urging. She began an undulating movement of both her hips and stomach that felt too delightful for mere words. I had only to rest there and watch this incredible woman pleasure us both with her newly awakened needs.

Her hand rested in the center of my chest as she rode me faster and then faster still. When she uttered a throaty cry I heard faint laughter from outside moments later. She clapped her hand over her mouth, clearly embarrassed.

I laughed and pulled her down on top of me.

And with this woman-my Zawjah?-upon me I found a peace that had been lost since the first German bombs had fallen in England. I buried my face in her hair, breathing deep her fragrance. Marking this moment in memory forever.

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Title, Description and Cover8.5
Story, Plot, and Action10
Grammar, Spelling, Mechanics9.5
Reader Rating: (0 Rates)0
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