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Shannon has visions--dark visions of the future. She dismisses them as memories from the last Viking raid that happened years ago. After seeing the dreaded dragon's head appear from the mists, she knows that the barbarians have returned to rob her village once again. Her life will change forever when she is captured by a handsome Viking, Gunnar Ravenshield.

Ravenshield captures a strong-willed Irish woman from her village and whisks her away to Dublin, a Viking stronghold. He discovers a strange mark on her body, branding her the "Valkyrie of Fire". According to an ancient prophecy, any man who possesses her shall have great power and wealth. He is determined to seduce her sexually using any means necessary.

Night after night, he awakens the unbridled lust that had been dormant in her body. She falls under his spell, giving him what he wants. Though he is a pagan and her sworn enemy, she cannot help but to submit to the one who ignites the passion inside her.

Things get more complicated when Ravenshield's previous sex slave swears to seek revenge on Shannon. Kiera wants Gunnar all to herself and plans to get rid of Shannon. She joins forces with Magnus, a Viking warrior, who will do anything for power and riches.

Gunnar Ravenshield has what it takes to conquer Shannon sexually, but can he conquer her heart? If he fails, then he will lose much more than lands and riches. He will lose his life. Can love conquer all?

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Historical romance is not my preferred reading material, but this book was fun, sexy, and well written. The Norse mythology was interesting, and the action was pretty exciting. Rivers is an excellent writer, and I found it to be a slick read.

The best part of this book were the love scenes, partly due to the author's rich description of the settings of these scenes. I enjoyed the bath scene quite a bit, and the scene at the banquet with the candles (and what followed) was my favorite of the book.

Fans of Viking romance will love this story.


Damn, Ravenshield cursed. He had missed his chance. But not for long. He watched as servants scurried around giving everyone a candle.

“What do we do with this?” Shannon whispered.

“Hold it in your right hand and follow me,” he said.

Shannon stepped within the circle and watched Ravenshield join the outer one. She locked eyes with him, waiting for the dance to begin. Soon, music filled the air with a haunting melody. The sound of the harp was hypnotizing, calming. The murmur of the drums matched her heartbeat, pulsing on without end. With a sidestep and a turn, she blended in with the others, weaving a mystical ring around the king and queen.

As she followed the others swaying and twirling, Shannon saw King Olaf light one of the candles. With each turn and bow, another torch was lit. Firelight multiplied throughout the crowd until two blazing rings traveled inside one another. Flames danced wildly in the breeze. The pulse of the drums grew; the sound of finger cymbals cut the air.

Just as Ravenshield caught Shannon around her waist, the music stopped. He leaned over and blew out her flame before extinguishing his own. Darkness fell around them. His hand glided up the small of her back as he leaned closer, feeling her body mold to his.

She felt warm and enticing, he thought, feeling her breath against his cheek. Every curve of her body called to him. Her skin was incredibly warm. He was going to get his kiss after all, and nothing was going to stop him. Gliding his forefinger along her chin, he lifted her head and pressed his mouth tenderly against hers, savoring the softness of her lips.

He went further, tracing her upper lip with his tongue until she opened her mouth. While caressing her cheek with the back of his hand, he deepened the kiss, savoring the sweet taste of mead that lingered. She pressed against him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Something carnal stirred inside his trews as he held her in his arms. Heat rose between them. The flames may have been doused in Dublin, but a fiery passion burned wildly within.

“Huzzah!” The crowd cheered as the light spread throughout Dublin once again.

Ravenshield gazed down at Shannon and noticed the wanton look in her eye—she was more than willing to warm his bed tonight. She could not deny it. There was no use in trying to hide the deep-rooted yearning any longer. It was time to go, he thought, taking her by the hand. And the sooner they reached the longhouse, the better.


Title, Description and Cover6.5
Story, Plot, and Action7.5
Bang for the Buck7.5
The cover of this book doesn't do the book justice because it's difficult to read the image. I think it would be easy to overlook and to miss out on a good story. I was unsure of the timeline of the book, especially at the beginning. I couldn't tell how long it took to raid and row to Dublin, and I felt as though there was too much action for one day without any passage of time. The book is clearly not erotica, however I loved the sex scenes. I found them to be very steamy without crossing the line into erotica. I enjoyed them a lot.
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