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Review: Whatever This Is



Trevor has been living with his homosexuality in secret. In college and part of the row team, he doesn't want his teammates to find out about what he does behind closed doors. He's always been attracted to Hudson, a teammate of his, but would never act on it because he knows Hudson is not like him.
Hudson broke up with his girlfriend and one night stumbles into Trevor's room. What he sees has him questioning everything. Why is he suddenly having these strange thoughts about his friend and teammate?
When things heat up will these two men be able to control what they couldn't possibly understand?

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This is a MM erotic story about university friends, one with a crush on the other. When Hudson breaks up with his girlfriend and walks in on Trevor with another man, he starts down the road to discovering his own sexuality.

The plot was compelling. I was interested in their relationship and how it developed throughout the book. There was drama from beginning to end, and the sex was steamy. I liked Hudson a lot. He was sweet and had just the right touch of hesitation about a life-changing decision. My favorite line in the book was about him: "His heart opened, bringing Trevor inside to dwell there."

I did not care as much for Trevor. Right from the beginning, he uses Matt as a sex toy, and when Hudson finds them together, his response was, "Matt out." The author went on to say that he felt badly for dismissing him, but that was in conflict with his behavior.

A couple other inconsistencies bothered me as well. For example, early in the book, the author said that Trevor's parents were "part of the Boston elite." Later Trevor tells Hudson that he was from New Jersey.

The storytelling could use some polishing. There was a lot of redundancy that could have been tightened. Phrases such as, "... would never want anyone else for as long as he lived on the earth." Variations of this phrase are repeated throughout. In addition, much of the narrative relies heavily on "telling" instead of showing. "He enjoyed spending time with him. They got along and Trevor wanted to know him better. Trevor had never felt this way about anyone else." Instead of telling me this, show me. This would have been a good opportunity for a heart-to-heart dialogue between them. Internal dialogue can illustrate this too.

The best-told scene in the book is near the end, when Trevor and Hudson have a fight. The dialogue between them is full of passion, and their actions are just as passionate. I would like to have seen this passion during the sex scenes.

I believe that this is the author's first book. Based on the drama in the story, I will read future works by Piper Peters. Polish will come with experience (and good beta readers and editors), but good stories come from within. This one came from Peters's heart.


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Title, Description and Cover6
Story, Plot, and Action6
Bang for the Buck9.5
I liked the title, but I was surprised it never came up somewhere in the book. I expected one of the characters to discuss exploring "whatever this is," as if they weren't ready to label it as a relationship. The cover was a little dull, but I LOVE the font for the author's name. The story was compelling; I read quickly to find out how it would develop. The storytelling could use some polish, specifically "showing" in place of "telling." Some of the sex scenes were pretty steamy, but I would have preferred more detail of the action in most. Overall, this was a fun read, and I will read the author's future works.
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