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FAWC: Friendly Anonymous Writing Challenge

Slyc_Willie (aka Gabriel Daemon) invented the FAWC in 2013.

FAWC is a friendly contest among authors from Literotica's Authors' Hangout. Each FAWC posed a different challenge. Many of the FAWCking authors agree that these challenges have been some of the best writing experiences of their lives, and they've brought out some excellent stories.

Slyc passed away suddenly in October or 2015, saddening the Literotica community. Slyc's friend _Lynn_ arranged another FAWC in memory of Slyc. This was the assignment:

  • Choose one of the following letters: S L Y C
  • Don't tell anyone what letter you decide to use.
  • Send me a PM with "I'm in FAWC6" as the subject line. Tell me which letter you want and I will give you a list of four words.
  • You must use all four of those items in your story.

In addition to the pleasure of writing and reading the stories, many participants enjoy the challenge of matching the author to the story before the big reveal. I claim to be better at it than anyone else. 😉

The participants of FAWC 6:

The stories are available on FAWCker's page on Literotica. The author of each story will be revealed at the end of the voting period. Please vote only one time on each story.

FAWCking History


Challenge: Each of the stories in this challenge are centered around the common theme of the main character being an author who then experiences the erotic and/or unusual events he or she writes about.

Winner: Bucky Duckman with "A Gloryhole Adventure"


Challenge: Each story in this challenge is centered around a random determination of four "mystery ingredients."

Winner: _Lynn_ with "Strangers in the Park"


Challenge: Inspiration for this and all FAWC 3 stories was taken from the picture below.

Winner: Tx Tall Tales with "Anything for Iris"


Challenge: This FAWC was based around the theme of music, with four songs given to choose from: "Tomorrow We'll See" by Sting, "Written in Rock," by Rick Springfield, "Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast" from Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance," and "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight and the Pips.

Winner: Me! Patientlee with "Gay Greenhorn on the F/V Lost Agnes" (Now available on Amazon and AllRomance.)


Challenge: For this FAWC, all entries were required to begin with the same sentence. Where the story went from there was up to the author. "Upon the table lay three items: a handkerchief, a book, and a knife."

Winner: Tx Tall Tales with "Desperate Times and Measures"

How Patient Lee learned to FAWC.

In the summer of 2013, I found the Literotica Authors' Hangout in the middle of FAWC 2, and I felt as though I had no business walking into the challenge. I was brand new to writing and even newer to the AH, but Slyc's basket challenge was irresistible.

At a time when I thought I had already told all the stories I had to tell, FAWC 2 taught me how to find a story where no story existed. FAWC 2 was the turning point for me, and Slyc was responsible for it. The holiday season wasn't a good time for me to start a new story (and the story suffered for my lack of time), but I'm sad about Slyc's passing. I couldn't miss this any more than I could pass on F2.

Thank you, Lynn, for setting this up. Slyc had an impact on a lot of writers. This is the best tribute possible for him.

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