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Review: Jackie's Love



Do you believe in coincidences? After you read the story of how these two women came to know each other, you won't.

While enjoying mutual love and passion on their Anniversary, Jackie and Elisa fan the flames of the nearby fireplace, and reminisce about the way they met.

Elisa recalls when what should have been a joyous meal of celebration turns into an argument. On that day, sensing her parents are still not proud of her accomplishments, Elisa lashes back at them. “I'm trying to express how I feel around you and you tell me I don't? So I'm a liar? I don't know how I feel and you do?”

Meanwhile, Jackie is dealing with an abusive husband. How she deals with him is one of the many circumstances that bring the girls together. At a bar, Jackie sits alone, and a grandfatherly bartender named Larry sees the evidence on her face. “On the rocks this time, Miss?” He mustered the most encouraging tone he could, thinking that the ice may water down her elixir.

“As I said before...neat. Always.”

Soon, the girls are surprised when they discover they have both been deceived by someone they both know. They come together in an unimaginable way to deal with the situation as they fall for one another.

The following is from the first chapter when, after a glass of wine, they decided to order pizza. “Have them deliver it baby,” Elisa said. “Long as you're naked I'm not going anywhere. Oh, and have them bring extra-”

“Cheese dip, I remember; so you can lick it off me."

Lined with sex, mystery, and surprise, this is one story you'll be glad you read!

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This is an enjoyable, fast-paced, interesting, and HOT story. The sex is absolutely delicious, but what surprised me was what a exciting story Kimbrell tells. Two women in bad situations find each other and discover that the same man has duped both of them. They deal with him in a most unexpected and satisfying way.


The story could be longer, fuller, richer. It doesn't need more action (in or out of the bedroom), but with more detail in the existing scenes. In the scene with Elisa's parents, for example. Show me the basis for the way they treat their daughter. Make me believe that these people are willing to throw away their relationship with her. Balance the action in the story with rich characterization, and I'll come back for more.


The story is exciting, but the best part about it is the beautiful, smokin-hot lesbian sex. The author describes their love in delicious, graphic detail, and I completely believed these two women adored each other. Kudos to a man writing so well about women!



Coming soon.



Title, Description and Cover9.5
Story, Plot, and Action9.5
Bang for the Buck7
This book gets high marks for action and steaminess. The characters could be filled out a bit, and I prefer more pages for the price. (At the time of posting, however, the price is reduced, making it a much better deal.)
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