riding redemption

Review: Riding Redemption: A 47th Lancers novella (The 47th Lancers Book 1)

Five Stars


The 47th Lancers mercenary unit has been assigned to Havoc Station to protect the rim planets nearby. The enemy is new, and Humankind is at a distinct disadvantage.

Mechpilots Dahlia and Jackson know the last thing they need in a war is the complication of each other. They've been ordered to work it out, find a way to fight alongside each other or else. While the enemy gets closer, so do Dahlia and Jackson.

They'll need each other to fight what's coming. .

Warning: Sci fi romance ahead. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, and boy gets girl back with robot wars. Don't say you weren't warned.

Book Details

  • Title: Riding Redemption
  • Subtitle: The 47th Lancers Book 1
  • Author: Jolie Mason
  • Type of Book: eBook, Sci-Fi Romance
  • Pages: 43
  • ASIN: B014NF1CMM


Even though Sci-Fi is NOT my thing, this was a truly enjoyable read. On the first page, I had to phone a friend to find out what a "mech" is. Once I figured out that it would look similar to the robot guy on my ten-year-old son's sheets, I settled in to take in the romance.

Mason's writing is slick and tight. No extra fluff to be found. I love that, especially in an action-packed story. I don't want extra words slowing down the pace. Mason did not disappoint. The story moved like a freight train.

In the middle of all kinds of action, there is a sweet love story. Two damaged people with a history work far too closely together to be apart. Their commanding officer gives them the gift of time to work out their differences. Which they do in a sexy hotel suite. This is not erotica. There is a virtuous fade-to-black alluding to a wild night before rushing back into battle.

Jolie Mason's writing is so good, I wish that her interests were more similar to mine. She's excellent.


Coming soon.


Title, Description and Cover9.5
Story, Plot, and Action9
Sci-Fi Elements9.5
Bang for the Buck9.5
Boy do I wish this was my cup of tea. Gorgeous cover, slick writing, super fast pace, and a sweet love story. Highly recommended for readers who enjoy Sci-Fi.
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