Review: Okay Now What? (Parts One and Two)

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Book One

Seducing your older brother's ex-wife? Yeah, most people told Ash that he was crazy. Melinda took his brother Bobby to the cleaners. But to Ash the crazy thing would have been to not follow his heart, no matter what it led him to.

Book Two

Ash and Melinda are moving forward, exploring a growing relationship that many would call a mistake. All of Ashley's family in fact. As word begins to spread and not-too-hidden secrets start to be heard the hate of old will rear its ugly head. His family, in the days to come, will question not only their relationship but Ash's very sanity. And as the hands that should be offering him help turn to fists, only love will bring things around.

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Book One

Book Two


M.S. Tarot can write about anything. In this series, he writes about a man who's been in love with his brother's ex-wife since he was too young to have such intense feelings. When they meet by chance, she's grateful for someone to talk to, and his old feelings rush back.

And this is where M.S. Tarot shines. Older woman, younger man, and a romance which no one else approves of. Their feelings for each other are intense, but Ash's family hasn't forgotten how bitter Melinda's divorce from Ash's brother was. And they don't want him to forget either.

There are scenes in these books that took my breath away with their heat. Kisses so passionate, I reread the passages over and over. And then Ash's family steps in, and they're terribly irrational. Anyone with a crazy family will be able to relate.

With true-to-life conflict and stunningly sensual love scenes, this series is special.


“I can imagine,” she giggled. She went silent after a few more moments laughing, then sat just looking down at her food, clearly not wanting it. She pulled out a pit of red bell pepper and absently chewed it. Then a bit of steak. I was beginning to wonder if that was how she was going to eat the whole sandwich when she looked up at me. “Can I talk to serious Ash for a few seconds?” she asked.

“It’s against my better judgment, but sure,” I said after chewing my mouth empty and taking a sip of my beer to clear my throat.

“Why did you kiss me? Seriously?” she asked, her eyes staring into mine.

I looked back into those pretty blues for a moment. “Because I seriously wanted to,” I said and then smiled at the look on her face. “You were there next to me; you had just said that silly crap about your being beautiful being a lie. And I … just … wanted to. Why? Was I a horrible kisser?”

She shook her head. “No. You were a good kisser. It was nice. I must say it’s been awhile since I’ve has a twenty-two year old man kiss me.” We sat in silence, just looking at each other for a moment. She gave her lips a lick. “Ash…”

“Last time I checked,” I said looking down at my chest and hands.

She gave a resigned sigh, rolled her eyes, and then looked down muttering things under her breath.

“Hey, you said serious me for a few seconds.” I smiled and winked at her.

She shook her head. “I did … but I meant for a few minutes. I need to have a serious talk with you, and I can’t do that when I’m trying to not laugh at your every word.”

Leaning back from the table, I let my nearly empty beer come to rest on my chest. I could feel the cold, wet feeling of the bottle against my shirt. “Alright,” I said finally. “I’ll try, but I’m sure I’m going to hurt something if I have to go on being serious for that long.”

“Ash … I don’t know if you should come over anymore,” she said then looked down at her half-eaten sandwich.

“Why not?” I asked, though I had an idea of the answer.

“Because … well, I’m–I’m kind of lonely here,” she said softly.

“So the reason you don’t want me to come over is that you’re lonely?” I stopped fiddling with the bottle and placed it on the table with a harder motion than I intended. “That really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You want to be lonely?”

“No.” She shook her head not looking up at me.

“Then why?” I asked.

“Because you are who you are,” she answered, still not looking up at me.

“And who am I?” I knew where she was going, but I wanted her to say it.

“You’re Bobby’s brother. You’re my ex-husbands brother!” She looked up at me then, her eyes soft. “You’re a young, cute, funny, handsome man. Damn it, you’re even great with Cory! You make me laugh.” I watched her swallow. “I could fall for you so very easily if you keep coming around here.”

“And that would be a bad thing? Why?” I asked, my hand gesturing, not understanding.

“Ash … even Tina could probably see that it would be a bad thing!” Melinda shook her head. “I mean can you imagine your mother and father’s reaction, if it got out that you and I were dating? How about Bobby’s?”

“Mom and Dad can keep their opinions to themselves; it’s not their business who I date.” I sat up and leaned towards her. “And Bobby? My shit-head brother? He can go take a flying fuck at the moon if he has a problem with it! If that asshole had an opinion that worth a shit in the first place he never would have divorced you.” I grinned, seeing her eyes widen. “You asked for serious me.” I shrugged. “This is it. I could be telling you why goats are the most polite farm animals, but no ... .”

She smiled.

“You’re beautiful.” I said just before she could speak. “You are beautiful and sexy as hell. I love to see you smile and laugh. I could crack jokes all day just to get to watch you do that. You’re a wonderfully beautiful woman, and I enjoy your company.”

She huffed. “I’m a thirty-one year old, divorced, single mom with a rundown house and a job that takes every spare second I can steal!”

“You are a single woman with a great ass,” I grinned at her wide eyes. “Who is a wonderful cook, and a caring mother! You have a real job! One that makes a difference! You teach! And your only true problem, that I can see, is that you’re lonely and trying to take on too much by yourself.” I gestured towards the large, nearly empty house. “If you don’t want me to come around, I won’t, but there is no way in hell I will ever think you want to be alone!” Sitting back, I looked down at the crumbs on my plate. “You’re not anything like what they make you out to be you know. Mom, and Dad and Bobby.”

“I know how they feel about me. Cory tells me, whenever he goes to have a day with his dad.” She grinned. “So I’m The Bitch? Can’t say that’s even an insult. I got called far worse during the divorce.”

“I know. I heard about what my brother did to you, the backstabbing and what my family did. Trying to turn people against you. I heard their crap. Years of it! Not a one of them ever saw your side of it, but I did. I never believed it. Not a word.”

She looked at me for a second then I saw a slow smile. “Thank you.”

“For what?” I asked.

“Seeing my side of it. Knowing that there even was a ‘my side’ of it. Not a lot of people seemed to want to see that. And for being such a great liar.” She slowly grinned. “When you called me beautiful.”

“Lady, them’s kissin’ words,” I said in a fake-as- sin-Texas drawl.

“I know.” The tip of her tongue came out to wet her lips. “That’s why I said them.”

Pushing back the chair, I moved around to her, and she stood up into my arms. Unable to believe this moment was real, I tilted my head down, but she stopped just inches before our lips met.

“This is such a bad idea,” Melinda said softly. “Besides you’re too tall.”

Squatting down a bit, I caught her under her ass and lifted her easily up till she was above me looking down. Her knees wrapped a bit around my hips, to help hold her in place. “Better?” I asked looking up into her face.

She smiled, nodded, leaned in and kissed me then. I loved the taste of her lips, the way they moved on mine as we kissed, the silky feel to them. She leaned back after several minutes, licked her lips and grinned at me. “Much better.”

Grinning back at her, I pulled her into me and our lips met again. I knew that this kiss, well, nothing would part us for a very long time. Her legs moved and wrapped around me, feet hooking behind my back. She clawed me around the shoulders, trying to hold me closer. Feeding off that aggressiveness, I pulled her in tighter to me, kissing her as hard as I could. I felt her tongue meet mine in a fierce wet tussle, while her hands were in my hair, her nails digging into my neck and scalp. Shifting my hand, I grabbed a better handful of her ass and squeezed. Melinda moaned and lifted herself up on me a bit.

I suddenly wished to god there weren’t so many clothes between us. She must have felt the same as her hands started to pull on my shirt.

“Mom! Chris is having a LAN party tonight. Can I stay over… Holy Shitzba!” Cory’s voice behind me broke the magical spell his mom and I were in.

Melinda pulled herself back from my mouth and looked over my shoulder at her son. I felt her trying to catch her breath as I hid my face in her hair. “You have school tomorrow,” she told him. “Get your books and clothes. And have his mom call me. I want to be sure she’s alright with it.”

“Okay … yeah. I’ll have her call. Um … I’ve got to go get my X-box together!” he said in a confused rush. I heard him take off at a run.

Melinda looked down at my face, and I saw her bite her bottom lip. “You probably should put me down. I need to go do a bit of fire control.”

As I set her feet to the patio, I sneaked a quick kiss as her lips passed my face. She kissed me back but then went to step back. I held on to her elbow. “Melinda…?”

“Let me go to see to him.” She patted my chest. “I’ll be back.”



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I love this story so much. There's so much heat mixed with the harsh reality of family opinions and kids and more family opinions. The sex is incredible, and it's balanced so well with a story of a woman who's been wronged by her ex, who is ready for love. And when it's her younger ex-brother-in-law, the sparks fly.
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