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Review: Avril's Fool, a CFNM Story

Five Stars


Bucky Duckman wrote this story for the 2016 April Fool's Day contest at Literotica. Guess what? HE WON. CFNM stands for Clothed Female/Naked Male, and Bucky writes this fetish like no one else. Even if it isn't your thing, you will enjoy this story.

Avril gets an incriminating text with a photo of her boyfriend with another woman. Her best friend, Ted, is there to comfort her. Some kind of crazy thing happens and she talks him into taking off his clothes and masturbating for her amusement. They're playing with fire, but they do it again and again. And then her friends get in on it, leading to a crazy, drunken shaving episode.

This story is different from other CFMN stories in that it lacks the humiliation edge that others feature. The story could have worked in Fetish or Exhibitionist and Voyeur, but because of its length, Bucky chose to place it in Novels and Novellas. As he said, "I'm hoping most people will find the story as sweet with a touch of romantic undertones. I tried to write a story about friends who should be lovers playing with fire."

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Bucky Duckman is my favorite fetish writer because his stories walk the line of believable versus ridiculous like no other author. I think it's because he starts easing the reader in with just a little, very hot stuff, like easing into a hot bath. When he turns the heat up to ridiculous (a guy agreeing to let two drunk girls shave his junk, for example), the reader is already used to the water and s/he doesn't realize it's scalding hot.

All through this tale, the reader has the sense of where it's going, but Bucky Duckman's slick storytelling keeps the reader entranced, enjoying the unfolding of events (and of the girl!).

CFNM is not my fetish, but Bucky Duckman's writing can make me read almost any kink. He's THAT good. You should read his stuff.


Avril tucked her legs beneath her and sat up straight. Ted's gaze dropped to her chest, noticing and appreciating how her new position accentuated her breasts. "Let's say we kiss again and you get hard, will you really show it to me?"

"I don't know, maybe," he mumbled, making sure he wasn't staring at her tits.

Wearing an impish smile, Avril ran her fingers through Ted's hair. "What if I get you really, really hard?"

"I guess," he said, fumbling for a right answer to a very wrong thought. Ted recognized the slight narrowing of her eyes above her playful smirk. He had spent too many years watching her from across a room and he knew he couldn't trust that particular expression.

She pointedly glanced at his lap again before looking back up at him. "So, we kiss, you get hard, you show it to me, and that's it?"

"If I get hard, I might want more."

"Technically, I still have a boyfriend."

"Officially, we know you don't."

"But I'm not going to renege on pretending to be his girlfriend until I see him again."

"But kissing and seeing me naked is okay?" he asked.

"Naked and hard," she said, licking her lips and laying it on thick.

"What if I want an orgasm, too?"

"I'll watch you give yourself one."

Ted laughed. "That's allowed, too?"

"None of it this is 'allowed.' And none of it is going to happen if you keep talking about it. Take a chance Teddie. Let go and see where it goes, that's all I'm saying."

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Title and Description9.5
Story, Plot, and Action9.5
Slickness of Writing8.5
The X-Factor in this story is how Bucky Duckman writes the fetish perfectly, without crossing the line to unbelievable and unenjoyable. It's steamy and fun with great characters and great dialogue. He could have used a proofread though. (I wish I'd been available to do that for him. April is a busy time of year.) This is a great story.
Reader Rating: (1 Rate)10
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