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Inside is a collection of very hot short stories that are sure to get you properly worked up. The theme is 'celebrity' and I pull no punches in spicing up the stories. Each story is raw, and intensely graphic. Enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: This novel contains graphic sex, raw language, adult topics, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. All characters portrayed within this story are 18 years of age and older.

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These stories are some hot little strokers. B.J. Taylor's strong suit is the quickie. Like a nooner at a no-tell motel, these stories get the job done and get the hell out of the way. This collection also displays some of the slickest writing I've seen from Taylor, with relatively few errors (although there are some nagging jumps from past to present tense).

What sold this for me the most was the title, "Celebrity Quickies." I got exactly what I expected--short, stroke stories. I wasn't looking for a complex story or long, slow lovemaking. Taylor could fill volumes with this kind of story--quickies, nooners, afternoon delights, wake-up sex. I'd like to see him do it.


I’m sitting on the bed with Abigail’s laptop and the DVD. I’m wearing only boxers having just taken a shower. I put in the DVD and hit play. Moans flood from the speaker. “Fucking, wow,” I say. On the screen, Brianne was astride a man on the couch, arms wrapped around his neck and hips pumping into his rather sizeable cock.
My cock was instantly hard and out of my pants in a hurry. I spit on it, but I need more so I spit on it again before stroking it wildly. The footage was in color, and high-definition as Brianne had stated back in the limo. It’s fucking stunning. It was as if I were in the room with them.
Brianne Jones lowered herself from the man and dropped to her knees in front of him. As if on cue the camera angle changed and I got a sideways view of her taking the man’s considerable length into her mouth. The man bucked his hips in to her. She gagged and pulled him out of her mouth. The two shared a laugh. Then Brianne was back to work on his dick, sucking the head as she made long slow strokes up and down his shaft. I begin stroking my own cock in rhythm with her strokes. I’m close again, and so soon after coming no less. On the screen the man, whose face I couldn’t see, had Brianne’s head in his hands and was slowly, sensually fucking her mouth. I stroked harder and faster as she sucked him off, her eyes looking up at him.
My body gave a little spasm as I neared climax, and then my cum was spilling over my fingers. On the screen the man was out of Brianne’s mouth, his cock jerking as cum flew from it, his load landing on Brianne’s face, first her cheek, then her nose lips and chin.
“That was fucking hot.”


Title, Description and Cover10
Story, Plot, and Action5
Bang for the Buck9
Celebrity Quickies is a short collection that doesn't pretend to be anything other than some hot stroke stories. The X-factor in this one is delivering on that promise.
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