Review: Sultry Shower



Waking up from an erotic dream, needing a shower...but the shower is already occupied by the antagonist of the dream you've just awoken from...
Short tease, maddeningly brief, but with the power to provide the imagination with plenty of food for thought...

Book Details

  • Title: Sultry Shower
  • Subtitle: A Quick Shower Turns into an Endless Erotic Moment
  • Author: Lusty Soul
  • Type of Book: eBook, Erotica
  • Pages: 12
  • ASIN: B0173YAXXE


This was a lovely piece of sexy prose. It's not exactly a story, but it's hot and sensual, and it felt good to read it. I'll be reading more Lusty Soul works soon!


While the warm water continues to pleasure us both, my mouth starts to pleasure your cock. One hand on your shaft, the other hand cupping your balls, my warm and yearning mouth and tongue lovingly smooching up and down your glans. I suck you softly while my hands stroke and caress, my agile tongue pressing into your warm and resilient flesh. Your precum is salty and rich in promise of more to come. You stroke my hair and softly sigh. The hand cupping your balls moves on to explores your inner thighs and anal cleft. A deep shudder shakes your body as I caress your crevice, the tips of my fingers maddeningly tickling you.


Title, Description and Cover9
Story, Plot, and Action5.5
Bang for the Buck9
Beautiful, sexy language in a short shower scene. A pleasure to read.
Reader Rating: (0 Rates)0
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