Four and a Half Stars

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When Jodi’s boyfriend breaks up with her at the end of her freshman year at college, she’s determined to stay busy while she’s away from school. The hot Alabama summer turns even hotter when she takes a job at Laci’s Lingerie. After being seduced by her sultry female boss, Jodi learns a few tricks of her own as she’s educated in ways she never dreamed.

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Jodi's boyfriend breaks up with her at the beginning of summer, and she gets a job at Laci's Lingerie to fill her time. Her boss, a beautiful, buxom woman, seduces her on her first day and introduces her to delicious lesbian sex. Jodi is hooked, and she spends the rest of her summer exploring love with her coworkers, even seducing another young, straight woman into an emotional and sexual relationship.

In addition to the panty-dripping hot sex, Ms. Skye tells a sweet story about heartbreak, discovering oneself, and moving on. The ending was just right for this scorcher of a tale.


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Title, Description and Cover8.5
Story, Plot, and Action8
Bang for the Buck7
This was a fun story with great characters and super-steamy sex. The X-factor for the story was the dialogue, which I thought was a little awkward once in a while. It hardly mattered though because the sex was so freaking hot!
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