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Review: The Queen of Swords

Four and a Half Stars


Meet Caprice, better known as the villainess Capricious Whim....

Caprice is a woman who works hard and plays hard. She's a veteran villain of Imperial City, and what you might call a 'maladjusted individual'. While she plots to achieve her own goals, she's forced to take whatever jobs may come along, and any unintended consequences from them!

The heroes don't always win in this world, but being a villain has its own unique set of problems.

[Warning, explicit sexual content including light bdsm. Over 26,000+ words.]

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Alana Melos can write. The writing in this book was so slick, I forgot I was reading a superhero/villain story, which isn't really my thing. The sex was hot, the pace was fast, and the story was exciting. I had one thing bugging me though. I felt as though I didn't know what the story arc was throughout the story, and I'm not sure why. Maybe I expected that more of the action would involve another character or something. Maybe reading the other books would pull it together for me.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the story. The characters were well developed, and the story moved right along. An overall very good read.


“What now?” I asked.

“We wait and see if we were followed, but I don’t think we were,” he said. “I transfer payment, and that’s it.”

It didn’t take me long to finish the bowl, and I felt much better for having something in my stomach. “You don’t mind me crashing here?” I asked him. I would be having a fit at someone else in my safe house.

He shook his head and smiled a half smile. “A beautiful lady like you? It’s such a burden.” His fingers brushed the back of my hand, and I cocked my head to regard him. After a moment, I laid my hand on his, wondering what was behind that smile. Without my ‘pathy, it was impossible to really know what lay under a person’s facade, but I could read the signals he gave me clear enough. I took his hand in mine, raised it to my lips, and planted a kiss in the palm. His smile didn’t waver, but the look in his eyes did. Harry leaned in slowly until he was hovering over me, his lips a breath from mine. He went that far, but wouldn’t go the rest of the way, waiting for consent. I breached the distance, and brushed the softest of kisses over his lips.


Title, Description and Cover10
Story, Plot, and Action6.5
Bang for the Buck8
This was an enjoyable story. The cover is gorgeous, and so is the writing. The X-Factor here is the excellent writing. It was steamy, fast-paced and entertaining. Superhero/villain fans will love this!
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