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Exiled for love, Ragini will find it in her new home.

Ragini's best friend is getting married in a Nude Day wedding, the brainchild of her overbearing fiancé. Ragini is in charge of applying designs in henna to the body of the bride and the wedding party. After having been cast away by her family for being a lesbian, Ragini cannot admit her secret or her secret feelings about the bride to any of her friends. The henna work is torture for her until one of the bridesmaids recognizes her distress and tells Ragini a secret of her own. Will Ragini be able to stand by and watch her best friend make the biggest mistake of her life?


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This is, perhaps, the finest writing M.S. Tarot has done. It's a beautiful story of friendship, love, heartbreak, and taking control of one's destiny. As always, MST's writing puts the reader in the story, inhaling the aromas, practically touching the characters. He has outdone himself with this one. The sensual application of the henna was like sex itself. Absolutely wonderful.

Another of MST's strengths is the ability to write as the protagonist. He is not an Indian woman, but the reader is fooled into thinking he is. (His Nude Day 2013 story fooled me!) His research is meticulous and well hidden beneath his rich prose.

Nude Day is not my favorite theme, but this is the second year in a row I've been blown away by a Nude Day story. BuckyDuckman killed it last year with Filled with Joy, and this one is just as good. (Although, I have to admit, A Night of Chocolate and Roses is still my favorite MST erotica. It's longer. More to savor.)


I was kneeling on a pillow, my eyes on a level with the dark hair, my hand resting so very close to what I wanted to touch in much more an intimate way. I was placing small arches upon her left thigh completing a flower pattern that I was going to be mirroring on the other side soon. Madeline was blushing furiously that a friend of hers ... had to be ... so close to her most secret place. So close that I could breathe deep and even smell her, smell her sex. A sweet odor, so heavenly to me that I had given up on the life I had known, given up on all the shall not do's I had been taught as a child, simply to luxuriate in. And here it was. Madeline, the first friend I had ever had in this country that I now called home.

The woman I had fallen for so quickly, thanks to her kindness.

I could not take my eyes from her perfectly shaved thick turf of hair. I wanted so badly to do here and now what I had done only once before in my life. To touch my mouth to another woman's neither lips. To taste the wetness upon them and then to touch my tongue to it, not with the hesitancy of that first time but with a glutton's desire. I even leaned in a bit closer as if I was concentrating on my designs.

"I'm so sorry," said Madeline, softly. Barely a whisper so low only I would hear it.

Startled, I look up from staring at her sex out the corner of my eye.

"For what?" I asked back just as softly.

"That you have to be, well, that close to me ... down there." She gave me an apologetic look. "I don't even like it when I get a bikini waxing and that's a stranger seeing me."

I smiled at Madeline. Then looking into her eyes and shook my head. "It's okay. I'm not disturbed by it. It's simply a part of my friend."


Title and Description9.5
Story, Plot, and Action10
Slickness of Writing9
I love this story. Everything about it. The X-factor in this story is the rich description involving all five senses. MST is a master storyteller.
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