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Review: The Girl at the Bar (Seducing Straight Women 1)

Five Stars

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Aurora sometimes feels like she fall in love a hundred times a day. There are just so many beautiful, vivacious, exciting, and wonderful women out there, and she wants to love them all. Like a butterfly, she flits from flower to flower. She only wishes she could stay in love.

On New Years Eve, she's out at the bar with her friends and sets eyes on Ursula, a gorgeous, leggy beauty with raven-black hair and emerald green eyes. Aurora's in love. Only there's one problem—Ursula has a boyfriend.

Aurora boasts to her friend that she could seduce any woman, no matter how straight, and has her eyes – and her heart – set on Ursula.

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This was my first Reed James book, and holy cow was it hot! But more importantly, this quick read was in itself a complete story, and it leads beautifully into the rest of the series. What surprised me was the slick writing. Reed James cranks out books so fast, I had imagined that the writing would be messy, filled with errors and flowery language. The man can write, and that's what will bring me back for more. And the sex, the glorious, pushing-her-luck-by-pushing-a-straight-woman sex. It was delicious. (I love this kind of story, probably because I spent twenty years wishing a woman would seduce me. Now I can appreciate the other side of the fantasy-- being the seducer.)


“Just show me, Ursula. Stand behind me and guide my arms. I want to be as good as you are!”

She swallowed. “Isn't this a bit of a date cliche?”

I rolled my eyes. “C'mon. I thought we were friends. Don't make it weird.”

“I... Okay.” She moved up behind me, her breath quickening. Good, she's interested.

I stood at the table, almost trembling in anticipation, as her arms wrapped around me. “Put this arm like this, Aurora,” Ursula instructed, moving my right hand. Then she grabbed my left, sliding it down the stick. She tried to keep her body from pressing against my back, but that was impossible.

She was warm and firm and soft and wonderful. I smelled her perfume, a light, spicy scent that almost made me swoon with its loveliness. Her breath tickled my neck. That wonderful ache intensified between my legs, hungry for her touch. I shifted my hips, letting my rear press into her groin. My heart pounded; my skin tingled. The pool stick was smooth and cool; her hands soft, trembling with her excitement.

Find out if Aurora will be lucky in love and sex in 'The Girl at the Bar' by Reed James.


Title, Description and Cover10
Story, Plot, and Action8.5
Bang for the Buck9.5
The cover is great. Reed James has branding down to a science. Great characters, fast-paced story, super steamy sex. The X-factor here is his ability to hit my personal hotspot with such precision. An excellent short read.
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