Review: Treasure Beach for Three

Four and a Half Stars


When Tom and Alice arrive in Jamaica for their wedding anniversary they are surprised to discover that they are sharing their rental home with another woman. As the sun sets over the Caribbean and the rum punch starts to flow, this threesome of vacationers find themselves shedding their clothes and exploring their wildest fantasies.

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Treasure Beach for Three won second place in Literotica's 2015 April Fool's Day (beating the hell out of Come with a Friend!), and for good reason. This menage story is flat-out fun. They go to Jamaica and find a naked woman in the shower on their patio. Obviously this is headed for a threesome (since "three" is in the title). For a while, it feels like it's stretching the boundaries of believable, but it ends with a bang that changes the reader's view of the whole story. The sex is hot. The writing is good. It was a definite pleasure to read.


After a good rinse, we toweled off and headed inside. I picked Alice up, causing her to gasp, and I carried her to the bed. She lay back full nude with her knees propped up and spread, and her smooth slit pointed right at me. I dove in, holding her firmly by the thighs and extended my tongue, withholding for a few moments which caused her to clench her eyes in desperate anticipation and quicken her breathing.

Finally, I pressed my tongue firmly across her labia and traced from bottom to top very slowly, allowing her to enjoy every millimeter of sensation. My repeated tongue strokes stopped just short of her clit, although I could see that it was poking out invitingly. Alice was visibly wet and I enjoyed some slippery finger strokes up her slit as I circled my tongue around her engorged clit.

I put my fingers inside of her while I stroked her g-spot and gently lapped at her clit. She clenched her thighs against the side of my head and her moans echoed off the walls. Her body quivered and convulsed as I continued to swirl my tongue against her, bringing her to a loud and satisfying climax.

After a few moments rest, I could feel the rumble in my stomach.

"Okay, let's eat!"


Title, Description and Cover8.5
Story, Plot, and Action8
Bang for the Buck10
Fun, hot story. A great beach read. The X-factor in this story is the twist at the end, bringing the whole story together. Very enjoyable book.
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