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Review: Professor's Brat (Earning an A Book 1)



“And now you know the difference between the pleasure of pain and the pain of punishment. Off the desk and down on your knees. It's time to evaluate your pretty little mouth. Show me if you are really worthy of an A.”

I’ll have that pretty little redheaded brat sooner than she thinks. I’ll be looking down on her cute painted nails and crimson lipstick. She may have had all of the other students in her before, but she’s never had a real man.

She’s infuriated me since the beginning of school with her incessant sarcasm and complete disregard for the rules. Now she’s legal, though, and I’ll show her that detention will be the least of her punishments.

I bet that she hasn’t even had it in her back door. The little slut has everyone else wound around her finger, but not me. I’ll show her what it’s like to take a man in every one of her holes, and I won’t be gentle about it. I can’t wait to see what she looks like with drool dripping down her chin. And the marks on her behind will be amazing. Crimson stripes along that pale skin to match her hair and lipstick.

She’ll be a good little pet after this afternoon…

The story is intended for a mature audience! All characters are over 18 years old.



Lilah E. Noir packed a whole lot of heat into this shortie. The professor, overcome with lust and anger and anger-driven lust for his brazen, bratty student crosses the line between professionalism and taking control. It's a great dynamic, done with precision and heat.

What keeps me from awarding the fifth star on this story is its length. It's a scene, a mere taste of the story it could be. Scarlett clearly knows what she is doing to the professor, and I wanted her perspective. Is she really the submissive brat she appears to be? I suspect she's controlling the professor much more than he thinks.

I look forward to reading Lilah E. Noir's debut novel, Unorthodox Therapy. I suspect this book contains everything I enjoyed and adds the content I craved in Professor's Brat. I'll read it as soon as I get a chance.


“Let me tell you something. You lack any manners or even slight resemblance of discipline. I know your type – the supposed genius who is always let off the hook because they are too smart. That behavior may pass with your mom and dad and those boys who can’t keep their eyes off your tits.” Scarlett gasps at that display of vulgar language. During my whole career, I have had a clean cut image of a respectable man. Most of my employees or students would be shocked if they knew how dirty I could talk. She blinks but quickly masters control over her reaction. “In this classroom and that school I set the rules and if you don’t comply there will be consequences, little miss. I’ve been allowing you to do as you please for way too long. No more of that.” I pick up a heavy Algebra exercise book from the top of my desk and run my fingers over the cover as she tries not to squirm in her place.

“Your point is?” Scarlett feigns indifference, but now it is obvious she is irritated. “I’m 18, I’m graduating in a few months and my record is top notch. You can’t touch me. You’re just a pathetic old man with too much power.”

“Oh, and is little Miss Genius attracted to that?” Her eyes are the size of saucers now as I don’t acknowledge her insults. “Is that what you’re begging for? To be handled properly? Does your little teenage cunt get when you think of me in the evenings? Do you masturbate a lot, Scarlett? Do you cream those panties as you imagine how I put you over my knee like the bad girl you really are? Or how I punish that cute mouth with my cock? Come on, I have a responsibility to my students. I can’t leave you unsatisfied.” I give her a sadistic grin.

Her pale cheeks turn bright red with indignation and those perfect breasts raise higher. Scarlett gets up and lets out a shriek, losing her ground.

“You can’t talk to me like that! I’ll report you!”

“Oh, will you?” I cross the distance between us in slow, leisurely manner. She breathes heavily and I already see the tell-tale signs of arousal. Squeezed thighs, heavy breathing… and her little nipples clearly poke through the shirt. Before she can do anything my fist wraps around her flowing, wavy hair. I pull it harshly back. That makes the brat cry out and raise her breasts. Scarlett can try to fight, but her hands remain hanging by her hips as she stares at me in horror and lust.

“N-no…” She whimpers while I run my knuckles over these nipples, savoring the pleasure of touching her supple, firm flesh for the first time. The small buds grow harder as I press my fist against them and pull her hair so her back would arch further. Being so close to Scarlett, feeling her feminine scent and perfume drives me wild but I can’t give in to the lust. Not yet. I lean forward to her ear and hiss.

“Lose the fucking gum!” I extend my palm before her mouth and pinch one of her nipples hard. Scarlett instantly opens her mouth and spits the piece out. I throw it at the nearby trash can and pat her cheek. I press my face against hers and whisper.

“Good girl. I know you’re sopping wet for me. Should I have to check your panties or will you admit you want to be fucked like a little slut?”


Title, Description and Cover8.5
Story, Plot, and Action7
Bang for the Buck8.8
My biggest criticism is that this is a mere taste of what it could be. I needed more of everything. The professor takes a huge risk seducing a student. What was missing in his life to lead him to cross the line? And is she as submissive as he thinks? I'm not sure. Well told, slick writing, hot sex. I just needed more.
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