Writerotica started out as an idea between a number of online friends who shared a common interest: Writing Erotica. Experts at writing Erotica for online sites, they wanted to take some of their work commercial, as well as develop an Anthology together.

The trials and tribulations they went through, inspired them to create a site that could help ease that transition for other like-minded writers. It grew from there.

The Instigators

TT Tales

TT Tales has been writing Erotica for 15 years, and is the winner of numerous awards. He is a four time Clitorides winner for best online erotica.

When it comes to writing Erotica, TT Tales knows how to create raving fans, and to drive your views and scores out the roof.


PatientLee is a multi-award winning author of some of the hottest erotica you'll ever read. Don't believe us? Just check out the comments on her extensive body of work.

PatientLee has an eye for picking out errors, tightening prose, and bringing stories to a searing conclusion.

Freya Lange

Freya Lange is an award-winning writer/editor/publisher of Historical Erotica and other smut. :)

While she not writing, editing anthologies, and generally whipping the rest of us into shape, she's out blogging and networking, which is something the rest of us a Writerotica would be wise to emulate.

Leah Reams

Leah writes as QueanLeah on Literotica. Although new to writing erotica, she's rapidly built up and avid fan base, delving into the cuckquean fetish, and all that comes with it.

She's an avid reader of many different kinks and fetishes, and is willing to review the most . . . unusual . . . stories. There is very little that surpasses her squick factor.

The Office Eye Candy (aka Reviewers)

Reviewer TeachMe

Reviewer Beachbaby

Reviewer Outdoorsman

Reviewer Bard