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Being born with damaged eyes has only one benefit: It allows you to spend more time looking inside yourself and discover amazing stories. Instead of going outside and facing the ridicule of my peers, I've spent numerous hours wading through my father's book collection, discovering fantasy and sci-fi stuff first and not long afterwards some steamy erotica. These influences have stayed with me for most of my writing career, which started in ninth grade and continues to this day.

I live in Cologne, Germany with my lady love and two terrifying cats.

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Review: Thanksgiving Delight

Details: Title: Thanksgiving Delight Author: Rich Rubin Type of book: Ebook, Erotica Length: 36 pages ASIN: B01LLXZHNO   Description Chris and Donna are young married twenty somethings making their annual Thanksgiving weekend with Donna’s family. Chris isn’t very happy to be there, especially after he almost crosses the line with his sister-in-law Brenda. This leads to some awkward looks between them, until Brenda creates a plan to include her sister and Chris’s wife Donna in this little fiasco.  To everyone’s surprise this works perfectly. Chris, Brenda, and Donna all get what they want.   Review I hate to be this blunt, but […]

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Let's talk about characters

Dungeons & Dragons taught me a lot about writing. Done laughing? Picked yourself up from the floor? Good. Hear me out. Over the last 25 years, I have been gamemaster (or Dungeon Master for the old crowd) for a regular, weekly group. That’s a lot of time spent building story arcs, creating characters which may help or hinder the players, setting up encounters and the like. Not unlike what a “real” author would do. Create conflicts, weave stories in which the players hopefully want to participate. When your party reminisces fondly about this villain or that special someone they met […]