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I was always a writer, even as a kid. Stories fascinated me and breaking apart and reshuffling their elements was often how I played.

Now, as a woman in my early thirties with a busy professional career that involves a lot of writing what other people need rather than what I want, I find writing is a great outlet for me to catch hold of the tread of an idea I find interesting, then spin it out into a complete web of interconnections.

For years, I wrote short plays, stories, songs, and occasionally pecked away at my novel as a personal hobby, with no real intention of publishing to an audience. My professional writing, even the more creative pieces, didn't touch on my interest in sex and sensuality. In April 2014, I posted my first piece of erotic fiction for other people to read.

Since then, I have made friends with other writers like me, writers who love a great sex scene but love what it can be used to say about power, or compassion, or fear, more. To the extent that I'm happy with what I write enough to offer it to other people, I owe to these friends and to working on my skills every day.

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One-on-One Erotica

Writing for One Not all erotica is meant for the masses. Some of the most heartfelt erotica is shared between two lovers. Unfortunately, many of the those with a desire to write for their paramours¬†have the best intentions, but are lacking in the execution. Here at Writerotica, we love to support the dreamers, the lovers, those going the extra mile to keep things hot and sexy. If you’re of a mind to write some one-on-one sizzling smut, we’re here to help. The first rule, and this is for any would be writer, it to write. Write something down. Put words […]