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A military vet who often found solace in reading and writing while on deployment and decided to share a few of his works. He has a particular fondness for writing stories that display his love for the great outdoors. During the warmer months he can be found traveling and exploring new areas.


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Closed for business - Oyster bites the dust

Just over a year ago Diesel ebooks and Sony ebooks shutter it’s store. Less than three months ago Scribd scrubbed erotica titles from their catalog, removing much of their offerings in order to compete better with Amazon. Now re/code is reporting that Oyster will be shutting its doors as several of the founding members move into positions to work for Google Play Books. This marks 4 independent author publishing outlets biting the dust in less than two years. For some authors, this will come as a financial blow. Oyster was one of the subscription pioneers, you paid a flat rate to access all of their […]


Story Length Descriptions

So you’ve finished your story and are curious as to how it matches up length wise. How do you describe the length in a way that other people would understand? Word counts give them a rough idea, but for many they don’t give them a visual image as to just how long a story is. Short story, novella, novel, and as of late novelette, are all terms to describe the length of a story. But what word count actually defines the length of these stories? Fortunately the Science Fiction Writers of America have set a word count standard for the […]


LGBTQ and the world of sports

It was the kiss heard round the world. Women’s soccer legend Abby Wambach and the US Women’s Team had just won the World Cup. She immediately ran across the field and jumped up into the stands to embrace her wife in a celebratory kiss. For several days after the win that photo was the signature lead in for almost every article covering the World Cup and sparked a number of articles about players from the LGBTQ in other sports. Caitlyn Jenner, an Olympic athlete ripped open the veil, baring her heart for all the world to see while she finally […]

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Erotica Writers and Changes in Subscription Services

Kindle Unlimited Payments and Scribd Changes Wow! What a double whammy to start off July. Two weeks ago Amazon announced a change in the Kindle Unlimited payment system which went into effect on July 1st. While bloggers and authors gnashed their teeth and either bemoaned or cheered on the changes, another platform quietly announced a large change soon to affect many an indie author of erotica or romance. Scribd will be removing the bulk of their romance and erotica offerings as they are no longer able to afford the appetite of readers in those genres. These two changes will have a hard impact […]

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Amazon's Hidden Categories

You’ve written your book, you have your blurb down pat, and your cover should be framed for an art gallery. You’re all set, right? As you enter the book information in, you come across the categories you want to put it in and realize that the particular category you want isn’t listed. So you grumble and choose the closest related category before moving on to the next line, keywords. If you’re like many authors, you learned to write using a free site and do the usual keywords before moving on. Or perhaps you are new to eBook publishing, and you […]


Sexual Identities

One of the first things that you become aware of as an erotic writer is that there are a variety of different sexual identities. As someone who has been in the BDSM and fetish scene for a few years I knew a number of them, but I’ll admit to falling short on my knowledge of all identities. This post is to help clarify some of the sexual identities that I’m aware of and that you, as a reader, may encounter within my stories. Something to bear in mind is that not everyone will identify as a particular sexuality. There are […]