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Pirate Life"A writer sailing off into waters unknown and rarely explored. With a grin, a bottle of rum for courage, and a look in my eye to make my Gypsy shiver I will do my best to give my readers the chance to walk those weird and haunted shores that are my mind."


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Time to Write by M.S. Tarot

“I don’t have time to write.” If you have ever uttered that phrase I want you to make a fist and punch yourself in the temple as hard as you can. Why? Well, maybe the pain of that headache will make you stop lying to yourself. That is what you did when you said that. You lied to yourself. The day is twenty-four hours long. That should come as a surprise to no one in this day and age, but I felt it should be mentioned since so many people seem to think there is less time now than there […]


Review: Café with a View

Description Long days of boredom, tedium, and an overly bossy manager. Tony makes life in the little café, a small slice of hell for a long-suffering waitress. Luckily she has plenty of leather-clad guys on motorcycles showing up to keep her company and to give her generously big … tips. But some days there are just too many guys for a single waitress to handle … well, not all at once anyway.   Book Details Title: A Café with a View CH. 01 Author: KingsWoman Type of book: Online Free Erotica Pages: 1 Literotica page Category: Erotic Couplings   Review […]


Self-Confidence Is NOT a Sin

You will not have to burn in Writers’ Hell for having a little. Have confidence. It helps. Here’s the thing about writers: 99% of them will kill their own dreams of becoming a well-known writer and the main cause of that is a lack of self-confidence. Either they strive for an unattainable level of perfection, deriding their own ability to write to the point they throw away what may have been their bestseller before it was ever finished, or … they do even worse and never write it at all. Telling themselves the whole time they are not writing that […]


Writing with Loaded Dice

Connecting with Your Readers Learn to love research. One of the most important things you can do as a writer is to make that human connection with your readers. One way to do that is to connect with their interests, the things that they know everything about, and to have your writing spot on. Your reader will then see that you and they have an inner passion for the same things. Even if you don’t. You’re faking it. And the way to pull that off well is research. In general, erotica writers are not called upon to accurately describe brain […]


If You “Prick” Us

“Do we not bleed the same ink as they?” I’m certain that we do. On June 5th, 1956 on the Milton Berle Show a few shakes of his hips won the 21-year old singer Elvis Presley the title “Elvis the Pelvis” and resulted in him being banned on TV, from the waist down. On September 16th, 2011 rap singer Stefan “RedFoo” Gordy, released the video for his band LMFAO song “Sexy and I know it.” In the video he (and the rest of the band) are dressed in silver sparkling Speedos and spend most of the video making “themselves” jiggle. […]

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Seduce a Reluctant Muse with a Stroke Story

Writing Stroke Stories for Their Fun and Your Profit Or how to seduce a reluctant Muse There is in every one of us the seeds of the most epic Erotica story ever written. Those seeds lie dormant, waiting for that right combination of mental, emotional, hormonal (?), chemical and magical circumstances to become aroused. From that mixture can, and if you nurture it, will come stories to make your readers remember your words forever. We have in us the possibility of writing the stories that future generations will have to do book reports on. Now isn’t that a thought? Why […]


Review: Purely Sinful

Description Detective Cole Harvey of the Chicago P. D. was looking for a lot of things. A lead in the case of human trafficking he was working on. A clue as to just what it was that had killed night club owner Travis Dunham, before Cole’s very eyes, and yet had gotten away. Leaving Cole with an inexplicably “dehydrated” corpse. And last, but for Det. Harvey certainly not least, just who had murdered his own pregnant wife, Maria, two years before. A case now grown cold. What he found was a partner who could help him with all of those questions. A succubus named […]


Gut-Stab your Readers

Gut-stab your readers? No, not literally. If you did that for too long, how many people would read your work? That’s the complete opposite of what you’re going for as a writer. No, what you need to do is leave your reader feeling like that’s been done to them. You need to make them shiver, cry and bleed. I can hear you already. “Wait isn’t this erotica? Aren’t we going for a different effect? Tears? Really?” Yes, and I’ll tell you why. You need your reader to care about the characters long before the characters ever get near a bed […]