Writerotica Review Guidelines

Writerotica accepts books from both publishers and authors. We give precedence to independent authors. We primarily review Erotica and Erotic Romance. We are also available for select book tours.

What We Enjoy Reading

We have a diverse team of readers and reviewers with different tastes and preferences. We will always try to ensure that the appropriate reviewer is involved with your book. We are authors. We understand how important this it to you; we've been there.

That said, what we prefer to review is:

  • Romance (Erotic)
  • Erotica

We will also review books about the business of writing

  • Writing & Publishing
  • Marketing & PR (for Books)
  • Cover design and artwork
  • Other Books about the Business of Writing

We do not review underage sex, bestiality, or snuff. We do not typically review books more than 500 pages in length, or anything outside of the Erotica/Erotic Romance categories and Writing.

Although we primarily review erotica, we're open to other types of books. Contact us if you have something you think we might be interested in.

What You May Expect After You Send the Book

All published reviews will reflect our PERSONAL opinions. Integrity and honesty are integral to the review process, and we will not put those in jeopardy. Less favorable reviews will be done respectfully, as we would hope our books would be handled. Any book that rates less than a four on our scale of one to ten, will not have its review published without contacting the author. In the event we find that we cannot review a book, after committing to do so, the author will be contacted and informed of the issues.

We do NOT sell or giveaway ARC copies of the books reviewed. If the author wishes to give away copies, those must remain separate from our personal review copies. Galleys remain in our possession.

All review copies will be reviewed as soon as possible while integrated into our team's schedules, unless it is for a book tour. In such case, the review will be completed early and guaranteed for publication on the agreed-upon date. We will attempt to contact you when the book review is scheduled to post and provide the link.

We are open to hosting guest blogs, performing author interviews (including audio and video), and conducting promotions/giveaways.

Upon request, we will post a duplicate copy of the Writerotica review on Amazon.com, Smashwords, or Goodreads.

What You Can Expect To See In The Review

Each review will have the following components:

  • Image of the Book Cover
  • Title
  • Series Name & Number, if applicable
  • Author
  • Photo of the Author
  • Publisher
  • Type of Book
  • Pages
  • Author’s Website with link
  • Link to Amazon.com for purchase
  • Release Date, if applicable
  • Promotion Dates, if applicable
  • Summary of the Book
  • Up to four additional images related to the Book
  • Review of the Book
  • Excerpt from the book
  • Six component ratings and an overall Rating.

Rating Your Book

We rate the books we review in six different categories

  • Title, Cover & Description - Quality, Aesthetics, Appropriateness, Personal attractiveness
  • Characters - How well developed and likable the characters are
  • Story, Plot & Action - A purely personal opinion on how good the story and writing are
  • Steaminess - How hot the sex scenes are and how frequent
  • Bang for the Buck - How much value you get. Price vs. Quantity (length of the read) + Quality (overall rating)
  • X-Factor - How much we enjoyed the book

We rank each of these elements on a scale from one to ten. We tend to be a little generous with the rankings, we don't expect perfection, just quality and a good read.

These ratings are mapped to an Amazon 5-star rating as follows

  1. stars_1_50x265 1.0 to 1.9
  2. stars_1-5_50x270 2.0 to 2.9
  3. stars_2_50x2703.0 to 3.9
  4. stars_2-5_50x2734.0 to 4.9
  5. stars_3_50x2635.0 to 5.9
  6. stars_3-5_50x2606.0 to 6.9
  7. stars_4_50x2767.0 to 7.9
  8. stars_4-5_50x2808.0 to 8.9
  9. stars_5_50x2709.0 to 10


If you receive a 9 out of 10 rating, you will be awarded a Writerotica "Editor's Choice" award, and your book will be featured prominently on the home page and review pages. Books receiving a 9.9 rating or higher will be featured in the Writerotica Hall of Fame.


What We Need From You

  • A copy of the book, Advanced Reading Copy if the book is not yet published. We accept Books, digital MOBI and PRC copies.
  • High quality images of the cover, the author and up to four additional images pertinent to the book.
  • Author Bio - No more than 400 words.
  • An excerpt, not to exceed 800 words
  • Release Date.
  • Promotion Dates, if part of an online promotion.
  • Giveaway materials and date of promotion if you want to participate in a giveaway.


All Writerotica published material is under copyright. Therefore, we appreciate you contacting us before using any of the material for your own use. We're easy to talk to, really, just let us know what you want to do, and we'll work it out.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact us at Reviews@Writerotica.com


Best Regards,

The Writerotica Team (Tex, PL, Shea, Freya, Leah, JC and the rest of the gang)