Do you read Erotica? Do you have an opinion on what your read? Have you ever considered doing reviews?

If you can answer yes to those three questions, have we got a deal for you!


We are seeking reviewers who can agree to the following items:

  • Fluent English speakers who can write a clear review that requires minimal editing by our staff.
  • Reviewers must be able to review books in a timely fashion.
  • Interested in reading books with diverse erotic themes.  Wemayreview books containing, but not limited to the following:
    • Varying menages (M/M/F, M+/F, F/F/M, etc)
    • BDSM including
      • Domination/submission (Male and Female Dominants)
      • Master/slave (Male and Female Dominants)
      • Sadism & Masochism
    • LGBT Themes
      • Lesbian
      • Gay Male
      • Bisexual
      • Transgender
    • Dark Stories
      • Horror
      • Non-consent
    • Paranormal
    • Fantasy and Science Fiction
    • Romance (all levels of hotness) including
      • Historical
      • Victorian
      • Bad Boy
    • Incest & Pseudo-Incest
    • Adultery
      • Hot Wives
      • Cuckold / CuckQuean

Terms & Conditions

All reviewers must agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • Must be 18 or over.
  • Reviewers agree to review all books that are provided to them from this website. If the reviewer finds they cannot do this, they will contact the the manager so the book may be sent to a different reviewer.
  • Many of the books submitted for review are e-books. They may be provided in different formats.  Reviewers must be able to read at least the most common formats which are PDF, .epub, and .mobi.  Many readers are available for use on the computer for free.
  • Reviewers must be professional in all reviews.
  • If you receive a book that you cannot review fairly because the subject matter is something that you know you do not enjoy, please return it to the manager saying so.  It is unfair to an author to receive a review for clearly stated BDSM book by someone who does not understand or enjoy BDSM books.
  • Reviewers are not paid for reviews.  You will receive a free book from the author or publisher.
  • Reviewers agree not to distribute or sell any e-books provided to them.  It is illegal.
  • Reviewers are responsible for their actions and Writerotica is not liable. If reviewer is found to break this law, they will be immediately removed from our reviewer list and can face legal action from the author or publisher.
  • All reviews should be based on the content of the book alone. There will be no bashing of author, publisher, or general subject matter.
  • Reviewers cannot be employed by an author or publisher.
  • All reviewers must edit their reviews before submission. Our editors will review them before publishing on the website, but would prefer to keep editing to a minimum.
  • Reviewers must always be professional in their reviews.
  • By submitting a review, the reviewer is assigning copyright to  If reviewers wish to publish the reviews on other sites, approval must be given by the site.

Terms & Conditions may change at any time and without notice. If you’re interested in being a reviewer, please fill out the following form: name, contact email, number of books you feel you can review in a month, and a sample of a review you have previously written.

Application To Review Books